Today, Defi locked in over $40 billion of assets, a nibble of share, compared to the market cap of crypto assets $1.2 or so trillion. In traditional finance, the traditional derivatives market is worth hundreds of trillions of dollars, and the crypto market as a whole is less than 0.1% of its asset size, even the combined wealth of the people at the top of the pyramid is five or more times larger than total assets of the entire crypto market.

Yet this is an opportunity for DeFi to grow.

According to statistics, the total number of DeFi users has outpaced 1 million. Among them, the figure for Uniswap users soared to 586,000, taking the crown on the list with 58.6%, followed by Compound with 254,000, Kyber 110,000, 1inch 43,000 and OpenSea 33,000, respectively.

(Total DeFi users over time)

Decentralised Finance (DeFi for short), a smart contract and protocol for crypto-assets and finance based on the smart contract platform, is dedicated to reengineering the current financial system, creating a transparent system that opens up the application ecosystem to everyone without the need for permission and without relying on the third party to cater to their financial needs. On the eve of a boom, the sector needs a DeFi resource aggregation platform, involving and engaging both regular and experienced users. Not only does it make easier for users to play a part in DeFi, but it dispels their misgivings, be it complex operations, harsh terms, yield guaranty, safety and security or level playing field, among other issues. The sector sees an avalanche of DeFi projects, with fragmented information, difficult judgment of truth and falseness and a high bar. The planning of the total ecological product of DeFi the Trister team recently released is beyond expectation and perception of everyone, its pattern and innovation in particular. Let’s check out what highlights and innovations awoke the public.

Trister World typifies a DeFi resource aggregation platform, featuring “value creation, value circulation and value drive”, built by a team of top crypto scientists in worldwide efforts. On the back of the global community of Trister, Trister World has turned out to be a brand new DeFi ecosystem, with a focus on a new generation of the decentralized financial world for the future. That being said, the new system simplifies as much as possible the complex operations of the users, leaving it to the Trister’s bottom, while the user interface (UI) continues to build a financial inclusion platform, regardless of nation, region, race and wealth, a boon to the users. Users in yield farming, for instance, may enjoy lower costs, fewer operations, faster speed and higher returns.

The yellow paper on Trister World’s technical development plan the Trister team published recently explicitly elucidates that, upon reaching three major milestones, Trister comes to Trister World, an upgrading of the strategy. The continued updates and iterations enabled more DeFi enthusiasts to know, understand and take part in the universally-recognised ecosystem.

Far cry from other functional DeFi projects, Trister World is not contented with being an “upgrade” or a “substitute” for traditional financial instruments. Rather, it constantly delves into the cutting-edge technologies of the industry across the globe in the creation of a complete aggregation platform. It progressively implements and aggregates a matrix of eight major products, namely Trister’s Lend, Trister’s Swap, Trister’s Vault, Trister’s Insure, Trister’s Oracle, Trister’s NFTBase, Trister’s Mirror and Trister’s DAOs.

(Trister World’s eight major products matrix)

It is understood that Trister World, in possession of three core subjects, is applied to achieving on-chain governance of community members. TWFI, above all, is the core value token of Trister World, bearing with Trister World’s ecological value as well as community governance rights. The total amount in circulation stands at 80 million, with 10 million deployed in each of eight products.

tToken serves as a credential of financial equity for the applications of varied ecological products throughout the entire Trister World. Holding tToken means interest earnings. tToken is synonymous with a key to interoperability between Trister World’s ecologies. Also, holding tToken allows mining in different ecological projects at the same time in an endeavour to make more profits.

Furthermore, Trister SmartNFT(tCard), Trister World’s ecology privilege card, will become the first community NFT asset in the future, the ownership of which is bound to secure a collection of special rights and benefits in all major ecologies.

(Mining logic of Trister World)

Trister World’s new DeFi ecosystem stands out with two salient advantages. First, tToken makes sure interoperability between ecologies while mining in different projects, to generate more revenues. Second, the addition of buyback-destruction-deflation mechanism earmarks 20% of profits for buyback and destruction of TWFI tokens, adding a magic allure to the engagement of users.

Trister World’s initiative, an awe-inspiring innovation, comes forth the implementation and aggregation of eight eco-products in the entire DeFi ecosystem, the first technology of this kind, with a far-reaching ripple to the existing ecosystem, the DeFi ecosystem to be specific. The series of financial products will be interlocked through a combination of functions, and the smart contracts will call each other to connect some financial functions together, building “an ecological economy and a convergence platform”.

It is reported that Trister’s Lend, which will be released in the second quarter, has made a major innovation in its development, allowing institutional users to establish new loan transaction pairs by pledging assets as a way to provide lending services in low liquidity currencies.

(Trister World’s Official twitter)

Never will the journey of Trister World be smooth in the future with brambles and thorns coming along. It will reshape the entire world’s value interaction model and create a new pattern of DeFi ecology should it be carried on. We look forward to the launch of Trister’s Lend and keep you abreast of the up-to-minute progress of Trister World.

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