It is reported that Warren Buffett’s core strategist team has decided to launch the BRKT certificate experiment to replicate Berkshire Hathaway’s 47573 times earnings in the era of equity economy in the field of digital asset investment.

BRKT fund’s tweet said: Warren Buffett’s core strategist team decided to launch the BRKT token experiment, and Berkshire token foundation was responsible for the overall implementation of the token experiment plan. BRKT Berkshire Hathaway pass plans to conduct no more than 10 periods of digital asset token donation experiments. Each period of donated digital asset will have a new token corresponding to the donation experiment. The usdt donors in each period of digital asset token donation will receive BRKT’s airdrop to the donation address after the last period of token donation experiment. BRKT will never lock up and will be in circulation. BRKT pass will be the only token of Berkshire Hathaway digital assets, enjoying the ownership of investment income of the whole BRKT ecology and the voting right of ecological governance.

The total number of experiments donated by BRKT is 300 million, and the original financial model design is based on the concept of real distributed autonomous community. It is the only great financial experiment in the world led by the elite to lead the prophet to land and practice the core concept of distributed finance.

The BRKT donation trial has started. After 12 months of trial, the first batch of BRKT passes will be issued on the Seychelles Stock Exchange LOEX on April 28( )for open trading.


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