The first half of 2021 can be said to be two extremes for the blockchain industry. The hot market at the beginning of the year, the brakes in the middle of the year. The plummet hit in mid-May. Traditional mainstream coins such as BTC and ETH, as well as traffic star coins such as DOGE and SHIB, are still bleak to this day. Blockchain is an epic revolution of the relay Internet. This great wave will not be reversed. When the industry is dimmed, there will always be new forces to break out of the cocoon and lead the times. And this time the breaker was named DGC.

DRAGON CHAIN ​​(DGC) is a global public chain jointly created by a group of Chinese technical geeks who love and admire the Oriental Dragon culture. DGC is a digital application token issued based on DRAGON CHAIN, which is an exclusive digital currency for Chinese with Oriental Dragon Culture as its gene.

The slogan of DGC is very loud. DGC wants to build the greatest Chinese exclusive digital currency in the blockchain era, inherit and promote the culture of Oriental Dragon, and provide a more ideal cultural bridge and a spiritual mascot with more consensus strength for the global Chinese. Let every “descendant of the dragon” in the world have more than one DGC!

Such a vision can easily resonate with the global Chinese community. The DGC has not yet officially launched, and it has quickly become popular among Chinese digital currency players in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Arabia.

In addition to the above reasons, there are many profound background factors behind the rapid rise of DGC:

First of all, under the oppression of the epidemic, the global political economy is reshuffled in an all-round way. The contest between the East and the West, represented by China and the United States, is becoming more and more fierce. The pressure of racial discrimination and regional discrimination is outright. Just as the Chinese often say “where there is oppression, there is resistance”, the Asian discrimination in Western society has created a consensus of unity among Chinese in overseas regions. This spiritual force extends to the blockchain field, and DGC is born. . Prior to Dragon Coin, mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum were dominated by Westerners. After DCG, this history will be ended, and the era of the blockchain’s dragon is about to come. From this perspective, DGC is more than just a digital currency. It represents Eastern power and the spiritual mascot of the global Chinese in the new era. It is behind the global Chinese challenging the Western hegemonic order and realizing personality culture. A strong desire for equality and a historical mission.

Secondly, at the current stage of blockchain development, various underlying protocol projects such as EOS, NEO, ArcBlock, etc. are iteratively generated on the basis of ETH. There is a certain gap with the blockchain 3.0 standard, not to mention it. Blockchain 4.0. Most of the teams that carry out blockchain landing business are limited by the performance, scope and stability of the underlying protocol. As the underlying protocol continues to change, more than 98% of the projects will be eliminated by the times, and the industry needs new changes. And navigator.

In addition, the unique design mechanism of DGC itself is also an important factor favored by digital miners. Compared with traditional mining methods that are very energy-intensive, DGC’s digital mining is more low-carbon and environmentally friendly. After 63 times of solitaire mining, the burst output of a block means that it needs to be verified by a consensus of 63 people. , Mining the ore blocks with the lowest energy consumption method and hardware resource cost, completely achieving zero pollution, in line with the global “carbon neutral” trend. Moreover, DGC upholds the humanistic spirit of the blockchain and rewards most of the energy costs and hardware costs saved in the mining process to miners, thereby accelerating the establishment of DGC’s global consensus and the improvement of overall value.

The combustion mechanism of DGC is also unique. According to the smart contract regulations, in the DGC mining process, digital miners need to take out 30% of the revenue to purchase the equivalent value of DGC to directly burn and destroy, the purpose is to accelerate the currency deflation of the entire DGC and the global area The spread of consensus. Continuous combustion will create the continuous deflation of DGC. Under the premise of a constant quantity, the continuous decrease in circulation is like the decrease in the production of BTC, forming the underlying logic for the continuous rise of currency prices. It is reported that the ultimate goal of DGC is to burn and destroy deflation from 100 billion to 1.5 billion!

In this regard, the initiators of the DGC and the digital currency miners are full of confidence. They believe that in the face of the strong consensus of about 1.5 billion Chinese around the world, any difficulty will become small, and no matter how big the goal is, it will become easy!

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