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Teen Author Charlie Michael Baker shares how he was left feeling ignored and suicidal due to his bullies at school.

Leyland, Lancashire Sep 14, 2023 ( – At just 16 years old, Charlie Michael Baker has accomplished something remarkable. In March 2023, he bravely put pen to paper and authored his first book, “Charlie Baker: Autism And Me.” This compelling work sheds light on his harrowing experiences of being bullied relentlessly in school due to his autism.

Charlie, who describes himself as mildly autistic, endured a torment that no child should ever have to face. He vividly recalls how he was singled out and mistreated simply for being perceived as “different.” The hostile environment at school left him with no safe haven, often seeking refuge in the school toilets during lunchtime, fearful of the relentless torment from his peers.

The relentless bullying took a toll on Charlie’s mental health, pushing him to the brink of despair. He confided, “I was left feeling suicidal, wishing to take my own life because of those nasty, nasty people.” In a world where understanding and compassion should prevail, Charlie’s experiences painfully highlight the lack of empathy he encountered during this difficult period.

Even more disheartening was the indifference shown by some teachers who were meant to protect and nurture their students. Charlie recounts a particularly distressing incident when he was physically assaulted right in front of a teacher. “She did nothing about it,” he remembers. “She pretended she didn’t see me stood there crying and went into her office to get her daily toast.” This profound sense of abandonment only exacerbated his feelings of isolation and despair.

Charlie’s decision to share his deeply personal story in “Charlie Baker: Autism And Me” is a testament to his resilience and determination to make a positive change. By baring his soul and recounting the painful experiences he endured, he hopes to offer solace and support to others who may be going through similar ordeals.

He bravely declares, “I wanted to share this story on here in hopes to help someone going through the same… You are not alone and it will get better.” Charlie’s message is a beacon of hope for countless individuals who face the challenges of being different and the cruelty of bullying.

As Charlie continues to inspire with his courage and strength, his story serves as a reminder of the importance of empathy, understanding, and the need to stand up against bullying and discrimination. In “Charlie Baker: Autism And Me,” he not only shares his pain but also his triumph over adversity, offering a lifeline to those who may be silently struggling.

Charlie Michael Baker’s journey is a powerful reminder that voices, no matter how young, can create positive change. With his book, he is not only raising awareness about the harsh realities faced by many on the autism spectrum but also shining a light on the transformative power of resilience and hope. His story is an inspiration to us all, urging us to be more compassionate, supportive, and inclusive.

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