Lisbon, Portugal Equilibrium, the powerhouse in Polkadot-based decentralized finance that runs the only native decentralized stablecoin of Polkadot called EQD, proudly announces the launch of its brand-new Q tokenomics, signaling a strategic evolution in the project’s trajectory. This transformative shift marks a departure from the old EQ tokens and opens the door to a dynamic ecosystem governed by its Q tokens.

Key Highlights of the Q Tokenomics Launch

  • Commencement Date: January 2, 2024
  • Transition Period: January 2 — January 16, 2024
  • Accepted Assets for Swap: EQ, DOT

Swap Rates

  • 1Q = 500 EQ
  • 1Q = 0.001 DOT + 300 EQ
  • Vesting Period: 90 days cliff + 270 days vesting

The Q tokenomics launch reflects Equilibrium’s strategic focus on Polkadot’s Liquid Staked Derivatives and the recent establishment of, a prominent liquid DOT hub. Central to is EQD, the first-ever decentralized interest-bearing stablecoin within the Polkadot ecosystem. The revitalized tokenomics promises enhanced liquidity incentives for EQD users and strategic collaborations with liquid staking service providers.

The Qnomics framework introduces a capped supply of 120 million Q tokens, subject to a maximum lockup period of three years. Designed around EQD mechanics and liquidity incentives, Q token holders are set to benefit from an expansive staking landscape, with the staking Q pool poised to capture a substantial share of protocol revenue streams. Further insights into Qnomics can be explored in detail through our latest article here.

This pivotal decision to embrace Q tokenomics was collectively made by Equilibrium’s engaged community during referendum #7 in December 2023. A clear majority of 52% of participants expressed their support for the tokenomics amendments through decentralized voting, a testament to Equilibrium’s commitment to community-driven governance. Detailed referendum results are accessible on Equilibrium’s governance portal.

Notably, the token swap also extends to GENS tokens from Genshiro, Equilibrium’s sister project on the Kusama network. GENS holders can participate in the swap at a rate of 4,000 GENS per 1 Q, with an extended lockup period of 180 days cliff + 360 days vesting.

About stands as the premier liquid DOT hub in the Polkadot ecosystem, empowering users to leverage various DOT derivatives for the creation of EQD stablecoins. EQD, the inaugural decentralized interest-bearing stablecoin of the Polkadot ecosystem, offers a novel dimension to DeFi, collateralized by a diversified basket of assets.

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